Saturday, January 31, 2009

Creative Weekend..

I Had the chance to get a few night shots recently when I had to head out to pick up some pictures at walgreens. Gotta love those 50 prints for $5 deals! Since I was out, and I was hungry I hit up Krystals for a combo. YUM! I love how you can see the Arby's sign in my mirror.

Today I went for a long drive thru a few areas just south of Jacksonville, that I hadn't really been to yet. It was a nice ride, didn't stop anywhere except Whole foods, since that was on the way home. I really wanted that cannoli!

I did manage to finish a few more pages for my "Home." Album. I also started on the cover, not sure if I'll add more to it or not. I kinda like the simple look to it.

I'm trying to mix in some odd sized pages too, a little smaller than the main pages. I'm sure as I go along I'll try a few new things. Some will work some won't but that's the fun of it. My mom has been a big help in remembering where some of the shots were taken. Odd bridges and rivers are not my strong point. I guess I need to keep better records.

Tomorrow is another scrappy day before the superbowl starts, so will share more on monday as usual!

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Jeanne said...

Love the way the cover came out. I think you're right to go with less. Very simply perfect. So what's Krystal's have? Burger type?