Saturday, January 29, 2011

2011 Project 365, Week 4

Well, here we are, almost the end of January. Here is my week 4 collage for Project 365. So far, so good! :)

As usual clockwise from upper left. Feel free to click on the photo to see in larger detail! Enjoy!

Jan 24: Panda Express for supper, Yum!!
Jan 28: Just one of many quotes around the zoo, this one is probably my favorite.
Jan 26: Panera for supper before church
Jan 25: Scrabble on facebook! I got whooped.
Jan 23: Train and a beautiful blue sky
Jan 22: Pretty as a peacock wandering down the path at the zoo
Jan 27: Tax filing time!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

2011 Project 365, Week 3

Well here we are, three weeks into the new year already...seems like it's flying by! Work has been keeping me busy, and with the recent announcement of the 2011 Trans-Siberian Orchestra spring tour, I now get to plan my spring vacation! :)

Here is my week 3 collage of Project 365 photos, starting clockwise from upper left:

1/16: Purging my scrapbooking magazines, and removing inspirational bits to save.
1/21: There's an app for that! Changing channels on my tv with the iPad. :)
1/15: A prickly cactus at the zoo
1/19: Made a quick stop at CVS for some candy for work.
1/18: Blue sky after I got out of work
1/17: Watching the Martin Luther King Jr "I Have a Dream" speech at our American Heritage Girls        meeting tonight
1/20: Supper tonight, was delish!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011 Project 365, Week 2

Here are my photos from the 2nd week of usual, clockwise from upper left:
Jan 8 - looking out over the Trout River from the pier at the Zoo
Jan 10 - my car's check engine light on, needed 2 parts, total cost $700. yay.
Jan 14 - the merch table from one of the bands at Winterjam (Kutless)
Jan 12 - tree against an evening sky
Jan 11 - hot apple cider to enjoy while playing on the computer
Jan 13 - Scout hanging in one of his favorite spots
Jan 9 - Jacksonville Giants vs Orlando Kings, Jax won 174-117.

Friday, January 07, 2011

2011 Project 365, Week 1

Here we are once again at the beginning of a new year. I will be continuing my daily project 365, and my scrap your day on the 25th of every month. There hasn't been much scrapping going on lately, but I did make a few cards and tags the last couple months, so working on adding more creativity to my days. I'm slowly getting back to more reading as well.

I plan on sharing a collage every week with my Project 365 shots. I will be better able to keep up with that than single shots, I think.

Clockwise from upper left:
Jan. 1: Polar Bear Plunge at jax beach. Water temp 50 deg, air temp 65 deg.
Jan. 2: Mr Scout on duty!
Jan. 6: Ducks on the pond
Jan. 7: Today's reading material. Lazy day.
Jan. 5: Betsy's favorite calzone from Luigi's. Kim's favorite too!
Jan. 3: My 2010 project 365 photos all sorted by month. Need an album. :)
Jan. 4: New shipment of coffee for my Keurig. The hot apple cider is amazing!!