Thursday, August 28, 2008

Skywatchers Unite!

This one was taken on a cloudy day back in March on a drive through Vermont with my mom...the barn in the center is just about ready to fall in on itself.

Next photo is same vacation up to massachusetts, but a much sunnier day. I love the white of the Birch trees contrasting with the sky and other trees.

And last but not least one from yesterday (8/27). Not much going on at the boat ramp, so I tried to get some shots of the gulls flying about. Taken late afternoon, looking south.

So, there you have it. As always click for the larger image, and go here to find links to all the other participants of Skywatch!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Are you ready for some football???

So, last week the higher-ups at work surprised several people with tickets (very good seats also!) to the Jacksonville Jaguars preseason game against the Miami Dolphins. Jags lost, but it was a blast anyway. I have only been to one other pro football game before, that being a NE Patriots game back in 2000. In october no less, so it was freezing and windy in Gillette Stadium!

Thought I'd share a few pictures from the Jaguars game.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

As the sky darkens..

..once again. Doubt it will be on the scale of Fay, but I've had enough. Today was mostly sunny and up near 90 deg F.

Thought I'd post some random pics I've taken recently...nothing to do with the sky for a change.

These were taken on Aug 10th, a very foggy sunday morning..I wished I had stuck around the boat ramp when the sun looked amazing from my apartment, but I'm quite happy with what images I did get..

Thursday, August 21, 2008


The storm is still churning around, and hasn't quite decided what She wants to do yet. For now we have some strong winds and some heavy rain. We haven't lost power yet, so that's a good thing. I went to the Beach last night to check out the surf, and it was pretty high then already.

The cable went out here, and I couldn't finish my post, but now it's back up (oh, how technology rules my life).

This first view is the entrance to Atlantic Beach in Jacksonville.

And the sea & sky looking south/southeast. I was hoping I could head down again today, but they closed the Dames Point Bridge due to high winds..

Love the seaside weathervane here. This view is looking northwest. I believe it'll be a few days before I see the sun again!
As always click the photo for a larger view, and by all means visit the Skywatch website for links to many many more participants!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Skywatch!

So, here we are again. This week has been filled with wicked thunderstorms almost every day. Usually they show up around lunchtime, sometimes closer to mid-afternoon...sometimes all day. First photo is from the Beach, very close to the Naval Air Base, this plane made it's way slowly by.

Yesterday we lost power for a bit, so when I got home from work (it was windy, but no storms in sight), I decided to take my usual trek down the road..that boat ramp is becoming like a second home, lol. Sunset photos taken with sunset setting.

The sunset was beautiful, as usual. and this pretty pink cloud is what I saw walking back to my apartment. I walked a bit farther up the street, to get it just right under the overhanging branch, by then it had started to sprinkle again, so I quickly made my way inside where it was safe...and the power was back on, too!
To see more great photos, go here, Skywatch is great!!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

more photos..

Thought I'd add a couple pics from that sun
shower, that don't include the sky, but I still liked.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Skywatch time once again..

A few days ago, monday I think, we had a wicked sun was amazing. I was running from front door to back door seeing where the good pictures were. This one shows the darker clouds, but on the other side, was blue as could be..and the drops were huge, the sun was glinting off of the raindrops as I'd never seen! It was pretty sweet.

Tonight we had a pretty sever t-storm, i live about 5 miles from my work and it had passed home already. There was plenty of debris on the roads as evidence. I headed to my favorite spot to see what I could see, and this is what I got. I used the sunset setting to accentuate the pink in the sky just a little..

That's looking to the southeast, I saw an egret and several gulls hanging about, enjoying the weather after the storm.
Even someone jet skiing, lol

Sunday, August 03, 2008

another photo

Went to the public boat ramp this morning, and got a few shots.

Baseball, Beer & Brats..

Vacation is creeping ever so close. Finally under a month to go! YAY!

Just over a week ago I went to a Jacksonville Suns Baseball game. If I had to pick one thing I missed most about Texas, it would be living close enough to Arlington to go to a MLB game whenever I wanted. As long as it wasn't a day game while I was working, that is. hehe.Tampa Bay is too far and Miami is way too far to go for a game. I'd have to make a long weekend out of it, which wouldn't be a bad thing. The Jax Suns are a AA affiliate of the LA Dodgers, so while it's fun, it's not nearly what I'm used to seeing. The price can't be beat, and the Beer & Brats are delish, though! So, with that comes my next layout. It's a 2 page LO, but either Picasa isn't cooperating, or there's another issue.