Sunday, August 03, 2008

Baseball, Beer & Brats..

Vacation is creeping ever so close. Finally under a month to go! YAY!

Just over a week ago I went to a Jacksonville Suns Baseball game. If I had to pick one thing I missed most about Texas, it would be living close enough to Arlington to go to a MLB game whenever I wanted. As long as it wasn't a day game while I was working, that is. hehe.Tampa Bay is too far and Miami is way too far to go for a game. I'd have to make a long weekend out of it, which wouldn't be a bad thing. The Jax Suns are a AA affiliate of the LA Dodgers, so while it's fun, it's not nearly what I'm used to seeing. The price can't be beat, and the Beer & Brats are delish, though! So, with that comes my next layout. It's a 2 page LO, but either Picasa isn't cooperating, or there's another issue.

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