Sunday, June 19, 2011

Catching up..

Thought I'd get this updated since it's been *ahem* a little while. First, a collage of some of my fave recent pics. Clockwise and from upper left: Sunset on the trout river, entrance to the Jax Zoo, A mural on the side of a building in Folkston, GA near the Folkston Funnel,  A Great Blue Heron on the St Johns River, one of about 5 very noisy peacocks at the Fountain of Youth in St Augustine, FL.

**I got reading glasses...finally can read for more than 10 minutes without the double vision. Still getting used to them, but already much better.
**My cat almost needed to have a bladder stone removed, but between the initial x-ray and finally getting to the actual appointment, the stone had dissolved to almost 1/4 the original size, so vet will examine again in a month to make sure it's not getting larger, or won't clog up the works, as it were. ;) This is the x-ray. I circled the stone, which looks a little like a jelly bean:

**There are so many wildfires going on in the southeast. The level of smoke largely depends on the wind shifts. Some days it's fairly clear and other days look like this: