Saturday, January 31, 2009

Creative Weekend..

I Had the chance to get a few night shots recently when I had to head out to pick up some pictures at walgreens. Gotta love those 50 prints for $5 deals! Since I was out, and I was hungry I hit up Krystals for a combo. YUM! I love how you can see the Arby's sign in my mirror.

Today I went for a long drive thru a few areas just south of Jacksonville, that I hadn't really been to yet. It was a nice ride, didn't stop anywhere except Whole foods, since that was on the way home. I really wanted that cannoli!

I did manage to finish a few more pages for my "Home." Album. I also started on the cover, not sure if I'll add more to it or not. I kinda like the simple look to it.

I'm trying to mix in some odd sized pages too, a little smaller than the main pages. I'm sure as I go along I'll try a few new things. Some will work some won't but that's the fun of it. My mom has been a big help in remembering where some of the shots were taken. Odd bridges and rivers are not my strong point. I guess I need to keep better records.

Tomorrow is another scrappy day before the superbowl starts, so will share more on monday as usual!

Monday, January 26, 2009

New Scrap Projects!

A couple of weeks ago, Jeanne & I decided to do a chipboard album together using inspiration for the book by Ali Edwards she got me (& herself) for my birthday. It's an awesome book full of cool ideas. we gave ourselves 2 weeks to figure out what we each wanted to do, and I chose a New England theme. I'm using this album to "showcase" some of my favorite places, and people, too. Some of the pics are older, and many are newer, but all are pics I love.

So, these are a few of the pages. I used a BasicGrey 6x6 chipboard album, and lots of neutral cardstock, and acrylic paints. It will definitely be an ongoing project, or a "work in progress" as Jeanne & I have come to call it.
So, go here to see what kind of cool project Jeanne is making, and have a lovely week!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some Random Pics.

Going thru some of the pics i've gotten this year so far, I thought I'd share a few. I really need to get a proper Florida bird book. I got this shot near the (non-working) clock tower across the street from where I work. I see lots of Egrets, and the occasional Anhinga, plus the usual canadian geese...I have no idea what this bird is. besides ugly that is. ***edit: I stopped at the library today, and I believe it's a wood stork.

On a recent ride down to St Augustine, I actually made it to the beach, since the historic area was PACKED. I don't think I could have found a parking space if I tried. It was breezy, but a beautiful day nonetheless.

I caught this little bird's picture at the St John's Town Center on sunday morning. I got pretty close too, and he/she didn't even fly away, a nest, perhaps?
Hopefully, everyone is keeping warm. I know I am, with the heat on. It's been chilly here in North Florida. Not nearly as cold as it's been in other areas, but cold to my florida-aclimated self.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Scrappy Day is Fun Day!

I had my weekly scrap therapy with Jeanne yesterday, and got quite a bit done. First up is a look at a layout I did using some of the pics I got when I went to Cleveland, OH back in March of '08. It was sort of a spur of the moment decision to go, and I don't regret it one bit. I'd love to go back, when it's warmer!!

Next one is one that started out as just a mishmash of music things I liked and then a 2nd page was born, noting bands that I loved in each of the last 3 decades.

And last but not least is a layout featuring pics from a college soccer game (Nichols College) that I went to back in late '07, starring my neice Nicole as Goalie Extraordinaire.
Go here to see what Jeanne created on our scrappy day!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Scrappy Monday

Here we go again! Jeanne & I decided to do another scrappy sunday this weekend, and got quite a bit accomplished. We had a blast as always, too! This time we decided on a 'lift from the January 2008 issue of Scrapbooks Etc. It was basically a years worth of Self Portraits. Not all of them, and let me tell you, I had a hard time deciding which ones to use. It also made me realize I need to get way more creative with it this year! :)

On the left is the original, and on the right is what I came up with: (sorry about the bad crop, Picasa doesn't like me anymore. ;)

Turns out most of my pics are from the second half of the year, because I really didn't do too many in the first half. Oh well.
Anyhoo...Cardstock: best occasions, "2008": AC thickers orange vinyl (love these)!, "in": Me & My Big Ideas monograms, "KIM": sadly, I forgot who made these letters, but I do like them! Journey, Adventure & Memories Stickers: K & Co sea glass collection, PP behind a couple of the pics is from AC, and the little fortune sticker is from Creative Imaginations.
I'm also working on 2 other layouts, that I thought were finished, but decide to expand them both to 2 pagers (with a little push from jeanne, lol). Will post those soon as I can.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Brenda Photo Challenge time!

Hey, many thanks again to LauraBelle for accepting the challenge of hosting this first Brenda Photo Challenge of 2009!! The theme she chose was "Anything New". This could mean so many things! Since I've already posted pics of my Christmas presents, which I LOVE, BTW...I decided on just a few new, slightly odd, things around here...

I added a new photo hanging wire (really DMC thread, lol) to a wall near my newly organized scrap area. I used some acrylic paint and painted up a few wooden clothespins and hung some of my favorite photos from my boston trip with Jeanne. I think my favorite clothespins are the ones I painted white and stamped on, they were so much fun! The big tin "K" I got at Urban Outfitters, here in Jacksonville. Oh, how I love that place!!! I can't wait to go into the newly opened one in Northampton, Mass!

There is also a lot of road construction going on here. Most of Downtown jax is torn up and new highways being put in. Up here on the northside of Jax, we are getting wider roads and improved off-ramps. Here is one in process.

Hope everyone has a great day, and is having a great start to the new year!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Scrappy Sunday

Yes, I know it's monday, but yesterday (Sunday) Jeanne and I were busy being creative and having a chat as usual! Very productive week for me, this time around! I still have an idea or 2 knocking around in my head, even. The first LO I want to share is from Inspired Blueprints. This is Sketch #7, I definitely had some fun with this one! Some of the photos you saw, as they are all from Jan 1, 2009. **PP from Die cuts with a view (travel stack), Stamps from Studio G "anuary" , 2009, Autumn leaves (J), Ocean sticker from K & Company Sea glass collection.

I also created a layout for one of my newer Holiday traditions: making chocolate covered pretzels. Everyone loves these, including me! The cool thing is you can change out the sprinkles and make them work for any holiday, or even just any day! The sketch I used for this one was found at Rocky Mountain Hobbies **cardstock: best occasions, PP: Die Cuts With a View, Mitten punch: Paper Shapers, "YUM":Stickopatomus, Ink by ColorBox.

Then I made a LO for my mom's & sister's visit back in November, and some the cool stuff we saw & did. **Cardstock: The Paper Company, Graph paper from my office supplies, Journaling stamp: Autumn Leaves, Beach sticker: K & Co, Beach Stamp: Imaginisce, Flower stamp: Autumn Leaves, Nov & 2008 stamps: Stugio G, "ZOO" : American Crafts.
So, there you have my sunday in a nutshell! As always it was a blast, and head over to Jeanne's place to see what she scrapped!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Rearranging things..

For several weeks now I've wanted to rearrange my scrapping area. It wasn't very efficient, and my computer desk (desktop has XP, laptop has Vista)became a spot I just tossed stuff, and if I did need that computer for something, it took me forever just to get in there enough to use it. So I decided to clean everything off, and start from scratch!

I had 2 work tables, so I put one on each side of the computer desk, and used some white storage shelf units (the put together yourself kind) and used those for some storage. One table is mainly storage and my trimmer, the other table has a little storage and a huge workspace.

I'm not interesting in keeping it neat and pretty, just organized enough to get in there when I want...
So, there you have it. That's where I do all my scrapping!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Years Day to all! I decided to catch the first sunrise of 2009, and hit the beach this morning about 6:30. It was very windy, and because of the wind, made it feel a lot colder than it was. I wandered slowly down the beach, snapping a few pics here and there, and checking out the shells. I'm always looking for shark's teeth, and I haven't found any yet. But I keep trying!

Here are just a few of the shots I got today (so far). A buoy just like this one jumped into the back of my car..I have no idea how that minute it was laying on the beach, and the my car! hmmm... :)

You can just see the kite surfer in the lower right hand corner of this pic. It was a challenge to keep him and the kite in the frame. There were some serious waves out there, but no surfers. May have been just too choppy for that. There was also a large group of folks, similar to the Polar Bear Clubs up north...

And last but not least, there were several pelicans enjoying the sun on posts at the boat ramp. Here's one of them.
Ok, that's it for today, maybe I'll scrap some of
the other pics I got, and post a layout later too.
I have a couple sketches to play around with and lots of pictures to go thru!
Have a great day!