Friday, December 30, 2011

Coffee and entertainment..

A long long line for coffee was made tolerable by some decent entertainment..

Friday, July 08, 2011


Our workplace has the blood alliance show up a couple times a year for us to donate. i've tried the each time the last couple of years, but my iron has always been too low. Not this time!
i'm just going to keep doing what i'm doing, and hopefully I,ll continue to be able to donate from now on!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Catching up..

Thought I'd get this updated since it's been *ahem* a little while. First, a collage of some of my fave recent pics. Clockwise and from upper left: Sunset on the trout river, entrance to the Jax Zoo, A mural on the side of a building in Folkston, GA near the Folkston Funnel,  A Great Blue Heron on the St Johns River, one of about 5 very noisy peacocks at the Fountain of Youth in St Augustine, FL.

**I got reading glasses...finally can read for more than 10 minutes without the double vision. Still getting used to them, but already much better.
**My cat almost needed to have a bladder stone removed, but between the initial x-ray and finally getting to the actual appointment, the stone had dissolved to almost 1/4 the original size, so vet will examine again in a month to make sure it's not getting larger, or won't clog up the works, as it were. ;) This is the x-ray. I circled the stone, which looks a little like a jelly bean:

**There are so many wildfires going on in the southeast. The level of smoke largely depends on the wind shifts. Some days it's fairly clear and other days look like this:

Monday, March 14, 2011

2011 Project 365, Week 10!

On to week 10..I'm a little behind in posting but otherwise keeping up with the picture taking. I'm looking forward to my spring vacation with a day trip to Boston with the Bestie and a spring TSO concert, also with Bestie...gonna be a fun, fun time!!

Going clockwise from the upper left:
Mar 10: They finally pruned the tree by the pool, looks much better!
Mar 6: The kitty picking a fight with my camera strap.
Mar 7: The flowers by the entrance to the industrial park where I work.
Mar 8: The sunset thru the window at CiCi's.
Mar 5: Small balloon decorations outside a local toy shop
Mar 9: my collection of Boston books from the library
Mar 11: Part of the panda statue at the zoo in the "hidden" asian garden

As always, click on the photo to see in more detail!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

2011 Project 365, Week 9

Here we are at week 9! As always click on the photo for a closer view. Going clockwise starting from the upper left:
Feb 27: Watching the ABA Jacksonville Giants play
Mar 1: Dino-Alive at the zoo, members preview
Feb 26: Monster Trucks being shown off before MonsterJam starts
Mar 4: citrus tree
Mar 3: I made some yummy mac & cheese
Mar 2: Cracker Barrel made some yummy Pot Roast
Feb 28: sunset at the zoo pier

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

2011 Project 365, week 8

Starting at the upper left and going clockwise:
Feb 19: I've got some new summer clothes!
feb 21: my pollen covered car
Feb 22: mollasses sugar cookies. not homemade, but good
Feb 23:crepe myrtle trees, pruned.
Feb 24: the last Febru-any sub from Subway
Feb 25: fountain in the retaining pond behind Panera's
Feb 20: I *finally* cleared all the levels in the Valentine's edition of Angry Birds!

We are now 8 weeks into the year, and just over a month til I get to go on vacation! So excited!! Bestie & I are going to Boston for a day, and to see TSO for the Beethoven's Last Night Tour.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

2011 Project 365, week 7

What a great week!! The weather here finally started to warm up a bit...I know it won't be long before I'm complaining about the heat. :)
The 7th week of the year was quite a busy one. Clockwise starting at upper left:

Feb 16: the door to my church
Feb 12: Sauce Boss, great show and good gumbo!
Feb 18: pretty flowering tree at the zoo
Feb 15: cat loves my shoes
Feb 14: cooking up spaghetti for the Daddy/Daughter dinner at American Heritage Girls
Feb 13: penguins at the zoo (first time I saw them out of the water)
Feb 17: the beautiful full moon