Friday, March 05, 2010

2010 Project 365, week 9:

Back in sunny, but still not very warm, Florida...Here is my collage for Week 9 of our Project 365. As usual from upper left, and clockwise: A cool STOP sign in Surry, NH *look closely, A cemetery in the snow in Swanzey NH, Strawberries in milk for a snack (FL), my new George Foreman grill (love it!), a little single serve edy's ice cream, Flowerpots from Anthropologie, and Mr Kitty.

I bought a good size package of chicken breast tenderloins, and decided to try a little test. I put half in a baking pan with a dab of butter and sprinkled all but 2 with bread crumbs. Scout loves him a little chicken, so I leave a little plain for an occasional treat. The second batch went to the GF Grill. The ones from the grill tasted grilled (duh), and will be great for salads. The baked ones were good, too but didn't have that grilled flavor. So, I'm impressed! :)

Tomorrow the Riverside Arts market starts back up (finally!) so I will probably be there with camera in hand. Hope it's a nice day!