Friday, January 21, 2011

2011 Project 365, Week 3

Well here we are, three weeks into the new year already...seems like it's flying by! Work has been keeping me busy, and with the recent announcement of the 2011 Trans-Siberian Orchestra spring tour, I now get to plan my spring vacation! :)

Here is my week 3 collage of Project 365 photos, starting clockwise from upper left:

1/16: Purging my scrapbooking magazines, and removing inspirational bits to save.
1/21: There's an app for that! Changing channels on my tv with the iPad. :)
1/15: A prickly cactus at the zoo
1/19: Made a quick stop at CVS for some candy for work.
1/18: Blue sky after I got out of work
1/17: Watching the Martin Luther King Jr "I Have a Dream" speech at our American Heritage Girls        meeting tonight
1/20: Supper tonight, was delish!


G. B. Miller said...

An app for changing your t.v. channels?

Well, if someone can invent an app to help you cook dinner (true fact. inventor from CT recently won top prize at the last electronic expo) then I guess someone can invent an app to help you change the channels on your t.v.

Kim said...

G: I agree, it's pure novelty to me that I can do it. The only advantage i see to it is that when searching listings, it doesn't take up half the real estate of my tv screen..LOL