Monday, February 02, 2009

Creative Weekend, part deux

And the creativity continues...Sunday, before the superbowl started, Jeanne and I continued working on our respective projects. On this page, under that sweet little flower, are no less than 4 messed up stamping attempts, I gave up, stuck the flower there, and called it done!
The Wednesday night Bishop's Lounge Group. Beau and his fan club.

This is the house I spent most of my formitive years in. Much of my time was spent playing outside, riding my bike (yes, that blue one right in front) around the Northampton state Hospital as the house was across from the community gardens. No need to lock the doors back then, either.

Ahh, one of my & Jeanne's fave pics, I want to say this was about 2003 or 4, not exactly sure. Getting ready to leave for one of our Boston adventures. Maybe an overnight trip, even.

My trusty white Subaru Forester, and my trusty camera by my side. And of course my trusty friend! :)

Here I am working on one of the pages.
Tune in next week, or maybe in a few days, to see what else I've managed to make a mess of!
And of couse go here to see what Jeanne made!


Jeanne said...

hehe the stamping. I think thats why I don't stamp much, I'd screw it up. We look much better in the later pic although that trip to Boston was a great time. Love the SP working on your stuff, cool lighting.

Nancy said...

i wonder if you noticed the bird taking flight in the picture of the brook. That's a beautiful shot. Should be in a Robert Frost book of poems. thanks for sharing.