Saturday, February 21, 2009

I can't believe..'s almost March already! It seems like the year is flying by so fast. I worked a half day today, then hit up the St John's Town Center. Found an empty table in B&N and sat for a couple of hours reading magazines and enjoying a frap, but nothing I wanted to buy. I did manage to snag a few photos there, since the segway riding security was out in full force.

Here's my favorite store:

And here I am reflected in a lid at Williams-Sonoma: They were so shiny!

I did have a coupon for Michael's craft store, so I picked up a few of those little dollar stamp sets from Studio G that I love so much. I'm slowly working my way through the whole alphabet. I started with my and my family's initials, and then the more common letters. I keep a list of the ones I have in my wallet so I don't accidentally buy any duplicates.

I have 3 whole months to go before my vacation, and I'm already wanting to start that sad? I wish I made it longer, but I like one short one, where I can relax more (never happens) and then the September one where I pretty much never stop moving. Jeanne & I go to Boston and hang out in 'Hamp (Bishops!) and Me & my mom usually go up north (vermont or New hampshire) for a day. For the last couple years I've missed out on the Big E as well, so this year I planned it right!


Jeanne said...

Oohh yeah some of my favorite stores too. Your Urban looks so dif on the outside from ours. Interesting how they fit the place. And the W-S shot it cool.

Anonymous said...

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