Monday, September 08, 2008

Winding Down...

My vacation is winding down now, and I've had a great one! From hanging out in Northampton and seeing Beau's band at Bishop's Lounge on Wednesday, seeing the girls at dinner on Thursday, a visit to the giant Brimfield flea market on Friday, and Boston on Saturday. Sunday was spent going for a drive with my sister and mom up to vermont, then dinner around the new fire pit they (my parents) put in the yard, complete with s'mores for dessert!

But today is crappy, as I'm feeling like, well, crap. Kinda flu-like, sore throat, just general blah-ness.

Zen is a restaurant in Downtown Northampton, looked and smelled delish!

This view is lower Main St, which is mostly restaurants. Fitzwilly's has been there forever, The Toasted Owl, which is part of Fitzwilly's, is fairly new, and they have great wings!

We were treated to a performance by a traveling group of musicians. It was really cool to see & hear them.
More to come...

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Jeanne said...

What an amazing night that was!