Sunday, September 14, 2008

Scrap Challenge..

Jeanne & I were chatting and surfing around last night when we happened upon a certain post on a new-to-us blog. We came across the 2nd layout in the linked post, and it immediately looked like a cool layout for our most recent Boston trip. So, we sorta challenged each other to create a LO based on hers. For those of you new to scrapbooking terminology, it's called scraplifting, and it's usually considered a compliment.

We shared our layouts with each other through e-mail to see what we'd each come up with. Tonight we share them with the world!

Here's mine:


Jeanne said...

hehe I like that we share them with the world. that was fun, definitely gotta do it again with the "Friends" one. Good job!

Ally said...

I'm so flattered! So happy I was able to provide a little inspiration!

Annie said...

I like this arrangement of photos..what a great idea...

like the old antique things you photographed too..esp the Boston tin!