Sunday, September 21, 2008


I had a pretty busy weekend, and I skipped on skywatch this week, but I did take a lot of pics with all the stuff I did do.

We had some mandatory overtime at work on friday, plus an optional half day on Saturday. Next week, same story.

This bird photo was captured while I was in traffic heading to the rally. Parking and traffic was very well organized, no problems at all.

Saturday afternoon, Senator Obama was at Metropolitan park in Jax, FL for a rally. Only 12000 allowed in, but 8000 were in the surrounding area outside the main park.

Funny story: I was walking towards the line, had my camera, and small purse that I was using to carry the other lenses with, cuz I knew backpacks or other bags weren't being let in. volunteers were stopping people telling us no cameras with detachable lenses, or my "purse", so back to my car I went to toss stuff in, then headed back towards the line. After following the line towards the entrance, a truck came around with a bullhorn announcing the gates were closed and that no more were getting in. So, back to my car I went to get my camera again, figured I might get some crowd shots and knew we'd at least get to hear him. Wanted to be there for history's sake..

These are Anhinga birds, they have no oil on their wings, so they have to dry off the old fashioned way!

Today I hit the beach for a walk, and then stopped at Barnes & Noble for some browsing. They moved everything around on me, so it took forever to find the locations of the books I was looking for!

Saw lots of pelicans at the beach, and this bird...Didn't really get as close as I would have liked. Gonna have to look him up.

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Jeanne said...

jesh back and forth huh. well at least you were there. birds look very cool.