Saturday, January 23, 2010

2010 Project 365, week 3:

Done with week 3 of the photo project...It has sure beeen an interesting week. As mentioned previously I put in for my April vacation to go up north and see TSO with Jeanne in Boston.
Right after I submitted the time to my supervisor for approval, they sprung on me an opportunity to go up and do some work in one of the other plants the company owns. This event will be taking place much sooner than April, maybe as soon as 2-3 weeks from now. The final dates have not been set yet. I'm kind of blown away by it, sort of excited, and just a little apprehensive. Driving in winter is not one of the things I miss, but it will be cool to see wintery mountains for my own eyes, and not just jealousy-inducing photos from friends. notmentioninganynames. 

To the right you'll see my collage for the 3rd week of Project 365. clockwise from upper left: Singer from the band Third Day at WinterJam, Armored vehicles on a flatbed, Tea & cookies, sunset on my way to Church on Wednesday eve, My small collection of Robert B Parker books on the sad eve of his passing, a lovely blood blister acquired at work on thursday, and last but not least, Moi. Onward!


Anonymous said...

Oh did you see my snowy mountain pictures?? hehe Would be nice to see you sooner than later. Can't wait for April though and Boston with TSO in there. Can you believe we're three weeks into Project 365?!? ~Jeanne

Kim said...

Jeanne: I know, right?? yes, I saw them, hoping it will be decent enough for wanderin around Keene snapping away...hehe.

Lynn said...

Don't you love it when things fall into place?

G said...

Sounds like great news....getting to visit this part of the woods so that you can join in the fun and festivities of winter.

Kim said...

Lynn: yes, it seems like a wonderful opportunity, and I plan on taking full advantage of it!

G: not so sure I'd call it fun & festivities, but I'm excited to photograph it all the same. :) I'll wave as I fly over, mmkay?

sanjeet said...

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