Friday, January 01, 2010

New Years Day - 2010

I probably should take down the Christmas Tree soon.
Cat has been chewing the needles off of it.
It's an artificial one, can't taste too good.
I've been lazy all day, drinking coffee & watching the Twilight Zone Marathon.
Started a Facebook-based Project 365 for 2010 with Jeanne.
I will probably make a weekly collage to post here.
I'll leave you with a photo taken a few days ago of the almost full moon.

"Every year gives us another chance, chance to change, to hope and wish for the better. That betterment will surely come. Wishing you and yours a joyous New Year"


Anonymous said...

Today was a good lazy day. Ease into the new year right? hehe One of the bestest things about New Year's Day is the annual Twilight Zone marathon. As many times as you see them they're still awesome. ~jeanne

Lynn said...

I like the Twilight Zone, too. Didn't know there was a marathon. Shoot. Anyway - Happy New Year - may 2010 be good to you.

Kim said...

Jeanne: absolutely, take it nice and slow, don't want to shock the old system, ya know? lol

Lynn: Yes, it's on the sci-fi channel NYE and NYD, for 46 hrs, i believe. It's my tradition since I don't tend to go out on NYE.
Happy New Year to you as well!

G said...

Twilight least they're showing the originals.

Hope you had a goody!

Kim said...

G: yes, I'm not very fond of the newer episodes. I wish someday they'd do a nice Alfred Hitchcock marathon. How many times did i watch those on a saturday afternoon. hmmm...
And I did have a goody, hope you did as well!

Kim said...
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