Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Scrap Your Day #??

Seriously, I don't know where I am on this project. No, we just finished our 9th month (December). Can't believe we've gone this far already! It has been a blast, and with the project 365 (facebook edition) I can see time just flying by even faster. Pretty soon, it will be spring and I'll be on vacation and hitting up Boston again. **sigh**
So anyhoo, here is my December layout. November is only half done, so that one will be shared sometime before this weekend.

The little metal letters ("my holiday") down in the right hand corner are so cool! Glad I was able to find the perfect LO for them too! (Thanks, Jeanne!) Of course, you should also go visit her site to see the layouts she completed, and all the other cool stuff she has going on!

I will post again, soon! Have a great rest of the week, and keep warm, wherever you are!! We've had some record lows here, this morning it was 29 deg F this morning, and only 31 yesterday. I know that's not real cold up north, but here, especially after being here for 3 years now...LOL it's COLD! It's hardly gotten above 45 all day, also. Out of the closet comes the hat and gloves!


Anonymous said...

Love the paper and those letters are perfect for that layout. Beautiful cardinal shot!Looks like a wonderful day. I can't believe we're more than halfway along! ~Jeanne

Bea said...

I know how people down there get when it gets down to 45 degrees, winter coats and hats and gloves.
They do stare at us when we walk by in shorts and t-shirts saying loudly,"Man, is this warm or what?"
:) I know, I know, thin blood. You stay warm, you hear. :)Bea

Lynn said...

Oh how cold am I? Not loving this cold at all, but will think back to it when it is 100 degrees this summer. :)

Kim said...

Jeanne: Thankee, that cardinal was very patient as i got closer and closer...

Bea: yes, I so remember those days, but my blood sure has thinned since then!

Lynn: My new mantra for this summer: "I will NOT complain about the heat". I thought today was rather nice tho; the sun was out, and the sky was just such a bright blue.