Sunday, January 10, 2010

Scrap Your Day #8

November's "scrap your day" layout, a little late. I had all the pics attached, but hadn't finished my journaling yet. I finished that before I forgot it all, and took my pic. The theme this time was "capturing movement", and with that in mind I used a little more embellishment this time.

Yesterday I went to St Augustine. Not sure what I was thinking cuz it was freezing out, especially by the water!! I knew I had to visit Luli's Cupcakes, since I usually go down on Sunday and they are closed that day. Oh, my the choices! Can't wait to go back to try another flavor or 3. This visit I tried the Lemon Twist and one called The Godfather. Lemon is pretty self-explanatory, but The Godfather was a tiramisu flavor with an espresso syrup in the cake, and the frosting tasted just like the filling for a canoli!
After the cupcake adventure, I stopped at the local library after seeing online that morning that there was a book sale that day. I found several older but interesting books to pick up. So, will keep an eye on when they have there next one as well. I need to find out when my library here does them. I don't recall them having one posted or anything recently. Books are always worth the time and money! Next time I'll have my camera handy in there, too!
Here I am in front of the Castillo de San Marcos, all bundled up in coat, gloves and a hat! :) Have a fantastic week, everyone!


Lynn said...

You look quite bundled up there. :) The palm trees must be shivering!

I love cupcakes - those look divine.

Bea said...

Too cold in the wrong places. You might as well be up here, in Wisconsin wearing that outfit. :)Bea

Kim said...

Lynn: Yes, and I was still cold with 3 good layers on. Guess I should have added a 4th. And those cupcakes were absolutely delish!

Bea: It only reinforced how little I miss winters up north. I believe it was actually warmer in Massachusetts during the day, LOL