Monday, February 22, 2010

2010 Project 365, Weeks 4 - 7

Alrighty, time to get caught up here. Visiting my parents this weekend, instead of hanging out in NH, but I still have another full work week ahead of me up there. My regular April vacation will be here soon enough, with some TSO/Boston in there. Can't wait!

Week 4: Pigeons on a statue in a local park, reflection in a glass at Anthropologie, Barnes & Noble, some little garlic toasties, the moon, double sundogs.

Week 5: in line to buy a movie ticket to see "Edge Of Darkness", Stack of new railroad ties waiting to be put in, window display of Louis Vuitton, Coffee flavored milk, filling up the ole gas tank, entrance to the local shopping plaza, buttons!

Week 6: thinking about packing for work in NH, bacon wrapped jalapeno thingies (recipe here), rainy drive, some sea glass  found on a beach walk, dinner with the ladies at Cracker Barrel, kitty enjoying a little outdoor time, radio tower in a sunset sky.

Week 7: dessert tray at a church ladies dinner, covered bridge in NH, snowy scene, Colony Mills Marketplace in Keene, NH, At the airport on the 13th ready to fly out of JAX, Ice fishing huts on Wilson Pond in Swanzey, NH.

So those are the last 4 weeks of Project 365. I'm looking forward to a little more daylight to enjoy being outdoors, and wandering. Maybe even a little more staying caught up here. Ahem....Not to mention a little more warm air. :)
For now, goodnight!


Anonymous said...

you got some good contrast here from the warmth down south to the snow up here. Like that radio tower shot. Mmm Cracker Barrel. What'd you have? Love their shrimp platter. ~jeanne

Kim said...

Jeanne: I had the catfish dinner. very good! thankee!

Julie said...

Interesting that the warmer climate pictures have more yellow tones and the snow pictures not so much. I always like your pictures.

Bea said...

LOVE those sundogs. Saw my first one this year. Got a picture but not anything like yours. Love the collages, when I click on them to enlarge there is so much wonderful detail to see. :)Bea

~**Dawn**~ said...

What did you think of "Edge of Darkness"? I was disappointed. It was a bit too graphically violent for me (*some* of that could have been alluded to rather than just going for gross factor) & I thought some of it was difficult to understand (not the plot, but the actual speaking, which was more like mumbling). But what bugged me the most? I don't know what that was Mel Gibson was doing but that was NOT a Boston accent. =P

Kim said...

Julie: thanks! I *do* tend to use the sunset setting on my camera to better show colors when taking pictures of sunrise/set, just cause I want it to be closer to what I actually saw. Other photos I don't worry about it so much.

Bea: thank you!! It was quite a race to make it to my favorite sunset viewing spot to photograph those 'dogs!

Dawn: Yes, the accent was horrible, and the violence got a bit corny for me. I was almost able to just roll my eyes at most of it..I only liked it for the local scenery, even though there were quite a few continuity errors noticed.

Lynn said...

You have such nice photos. I am sure you will be glad to get back to Florida. :)

Kim said...

Lynn: thank you! Acording to reports, it's not much better there, but being home will definitely be nice. I miss the little kitty!

sanjeet said...

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