Saturday, March 28, 2009

Jacksonville Parks

After working several hours today to finish up a project at work I decided to take a ride to a local park/trail that I read about on this site. I chose the Cradle Creek Preserve to check out, will probably visit more of the other parks eventually.
I stopped at Dunkin's for an iced coffee, and headed a few miles down the road.

As soon as I got out of my car and saw the boardwalks I couldn't wait to see what was out there!

I mostly saw lizards and lots of large bird nests. I wish I had a better zoom, but I think this one may be an osprey. Heard some woodpeckers as well, but didn't/couldn't see them. Lots of elusive butterflies as well.

This little lizard was pretty neat. The photo is actually upside down, since that was the only angle I could get him at. I was hanging over the railing as it was. :)

Can you see the lizard in this photo?? He wasn't into getting his picture taken, and I took that as a personal challenge. Managed to get a couple of him, but he kept scurrying under the leaves, and boy, did he blend perfectly!

Also saw lots of flowers, spanish moss, and various palms.

Managed to get a shot of myself sitting on a bench at the end of one of the trails. I only saw one couple walking around, other than that I pretty much had the trails to myself.


Jeanne said...

Those lizard shots are cool especially that 'pink' guy. And you got a SP in there as well. You go girl!

Nancy said...

You look very relaxed in those green surroundings. The lizards are not quite so calm; not used to having their picture taken. You have found a very special place.