Monday, March 09, 2009

Oh, Scrappy day!

Today was a busy, but good day. I came home to not one, but TWO packages in my mailbox! I ordered a few items at Addicted to Scrapbooking, and a paperback from the paperback swap site. I've seen this author's books at the library, and since I'm so slow at getting into reading I didn't want to borrow it and not have it done, or need to renew half a dozen times. His name is Jasper Fforde, and the books are a sci-fi/mystery mix. It would figure that Book 2 arrives before book 1, too. Ah, well.

The scrappy goodies are Creative Cafe Travel set on the right, and on the left is Dear Diary from Collage Press. Both very cool looking!

For our usual sunday scrap session Jeanne and I both got quite a bit done. I hit a roadblock later on, but she came thru with a lift idea, that I'm still playing with.

For the ones I did finish, I'm quite happy with those! In 2006, the company I work for decided to move us from TX to Jax, and I really wish I was able to get more pics of the very long drive out, but due to traveling with others (all in our own vehicles), I managed just a few photos. The photo of the hotel they put us up in I took this past week, it hasn't changed. Sadly, the Dunkin' Donuts that was here is now gone. All is not lost, though; they've put Dunkin's in the local Hess stations! hehe.

For my second Layout, I did a 2 pager for the JDRF walk on saturday. I had so many cool pics, that I couldn't decide how to put that many on there without looking too cluttered. I remember Shimelle had a Scrap your Day challenge similar, and I used that idea, worked just perfect!
Working on a LO (or 2) for the pups back home, and have more downtown jax photos to scrap from the walk, as well. So, a very productive scrappy day! As always, go here to see what Jeanne made!

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Jeanne said...

Always a blast. You did good girl! What a great idea the move one is and good thinking getting that hotel shot. Love all your walk pictures, the two pager came out cool.