Saturday, March 07, 2009

JDRF walk..

Today was the Juvenile Diabetes walk here in Jacksonville held at Metro Park. Our company had over 100 registered walkers. The weather was beautiful at almost 80 deg. F and sunny, glad I brought along the sunscreen.

I'll be scrapping tomorrow, as I've already ordered those prints from walgreens. I love those 50 prints for $5 deals!

The 3 mile walk started on the waterfront, and continued down Gator Bowl Dr, onto Bay St, towards s. Pearl St, crossing water St, and then back down to Gator Bowl Dr. Along the way we passed all the cool places I see when driving thru and can't take pics. So I used this opportunity to get some shots of Jacksonville landmarks. I'l show more pictures monday on the layouts I make tomorrow.
Starting top left: juggler, reflection in the Modis building, the balloon arch that started/ended the walk, some girls that were very happy to have finished the walk. (Glad I had the camera up then, LOL), The Maxwell House factory (oh, the smell of the coffee!!), the Gator statue in Metro Park, and in the center is the Jacksonville Landing. A mall with a very noticable orange roof.
More to come....

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Jeanne said...

Wow you had a perfect day for your walk. Beautiful colors! And you didn't stop at the Maxwell House factory for a taste test? haha