Monday, March 23, 2009

Windy Weekends..

I was able to scrap part of my saturday events from the Seafood festival, but not all of it. It was so windy, I have no idea what made me want to walk out onto the very long, even windier out over the ocean pier. May have been the attractive price of only a dollar. A superb bargain, considering I had just paid $13 for some fried shrimp and a lemonade. Ah well, not like the seafood fest is every weekend.

Here is my layout from the Shuttle Discovery launch at the beach. I printed out the patch from the internet.

~details: Cardstock: Bazill, "blastoff" letters: K & Company, Discover, believe, Imagine rubons: Junkitz, imagine rubon(top left): Swatch book, calendar stamp: Collage Press, Journaling stamp: Autumn Leaves.

That last pic that looks like a cloud is actually the leftover gas from takeoff, it was very bright! The pic on the left with "discover" on it is the rocket boosters dropping off.

As I mentioned earlier, while I was at the seafood fest, I decided to take a stroll on the pier. It was actually pretty neat, spots for people to clean their fish and some benches. I will definitely have to take the walk again, on a much less windy day of course!

~details: cardstock: Bazill, "@" stamp: Fiskars, "the pier" stamps: Autumn Leaves (more on these later), Pointing hand stamp: Melissa Francis.

So, those new Autumn Leaves stamps are pretty cool. they are the layering ones, and so an endless amount of possiblilities for color choices. I'll have lots of fun with those over the holidays!

So, that was my weekend! I still want to scrap the actual seafood fest, and then at the beginning of April, there's the Springing the Blues fest, with more food, music and fun to be had. That one goes on for 3 days.

While I was trying to find less windy places to hang out during the fest, I went to a small park near where I watched the Shuttle. There's a bronze statue there called "Sea Express". It depicts a boy riding on the back of a dolphin. I took several pics of it in different lighting, so not sure which one to use on my layout. I'm sure one of them will be fine.

That's all I've got here. As always it was a very productive scrappy day. Don't forget to visit Jeanne to see all the cool stuff she made!
Have a great week!
**only 62 days til my vacation, and 64 til I get my new tattoo!! w00t!!!

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Jeanne said...

Love the stamps on the Pier layout and that picture of the statue is beautiful. Even with a windy day the pier looks fun. We're going to have a BLAST when you get up here!