Sunday, April 05, 2009

Jax Beach & Springing The Blues

Between Friday evening and most of Saturday I spent about 10 hours at the beach listening to some great music, and eating some good BBQ. They had 2 stages, going and I found myself at the less crowded, but just as good, smaller stage. I listened to the Yankee Slickers for most of their set, and moved about between set-ups.

It wasn't as windy as the last time I was out, so I ended up on the pier again also. Lots of bluefish and some white being caught. From what I heard, there was a small shark sighting. The dolphins made a quick pass also.

This guy was hanging out on the pier for quite some time. I bet he was probably waiting for someone to toss him some fish.
I got a little sunburn, even with at least 2 applications of sunscreen, but it was a great couple of days at the beach.


Nancy said...

Sounds like a fun weekend was had by all, including the pelican. I hope he got his fill. It certainly sounds like you got your fill of both music and food. Isn't spring wonderful?

Jeanne said...

Looks like a great spot for some great music. Love the pelican!