Wednesday, April 29, 2009

St Augustine continued..

Here are some more photos from my visit to St Augustine on Sunday. First up are a couple pictures from the little walk I took before I went in. These are the steps leading up to the path. The cement path has palm fronds engraved all the way around. They look a little like fossils, pretty neat.

The music was as awesome as the food. As I said before the stage setup was much smaller than last year's, but that didn't affect the enthusiasm of the players at all! That's one thing about the blues bands, along with original songs, you're also likely to hear a few familiar songs as well. At right is JW Gilmore and the Blues Authority. Love the singers purple suit!

The band below (Stormy Weather Blues Band) did an awesome version of "You Didn't Think About That", a song I know from Coco Montoya's Suspicion album. The guitarist was a riot to watch on stage. besides playing the guitar, he took pictures of his band mates, and pretty much was all over the place. The singer reminded me of a cross between Joe Cocker and Jack Nicholson, a la The Shining.

At left is the Regi Blue/Al Stone band, (links go to to their respective, seperate MySpace pages) they were fantastic as well. So all in all, with the food, and the music, and the stupendous weather, it was a great day! After all the food I ate, I decided to drive south just a bit further and hit the beach for a short walk, since I had some time still before I had to get home to the televised Red Sox/Yankees game.



Nancy said...

Love the idea of "fossil fronds" in the walkway. Maybe I'll try that. Nice variety of bands to listen to.

Jeanne said...

those palms on the walkway look very cool. And the music sounds wonderful. Good time!