Monday, May 04, 2009

The heat is on...**warning: ranting ahead!**

I had a great time at my cousin's this weekend, even though we didn't end up having the time to go to my aunt's to swim. I came home early evening yesterday to a 92 degree F apartment. Yay, the AC picked a great time to crash. I went online and got the "emergency" maintenance beeper number and called it. 6 times within an hour. No answer, no callback, nothing.
This morning, I locked the cat and his neccesseties in the bedroom with the ceiling fan on, and called the office at my 10 am break. I called at my 2:30 break and they still hadn't gotten to it yet. I got home at 6pm, and they were just starting to look into it. Turns out the fan wasn't turning. So he told me if it happens again to just tap the fan with a screwdriver, until it can be fixed properly...WTF???? **sigh**
I also mentioned that the windows needed better weatherproofing, along with the space under my door...the whole place needs updating, badly. I should just get this stuff fixed myself and take it off the rent.


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