Friday, May 15, 2009

Spring goslings..

Several days ago I was leaving work and saw some baby geese waddling alongside the parents, and darned if my camera battery was dead, and no spare handy. **hangs head in shame**

All was not lost tho, as I was leaving yesterday, I stopped in the front parking lot and walked across the street to where the pond and clock tower are, right in front of the Coach building. Too cute! I wandered down the where there is a little area with benches and low overhanging trees, very nice area to sit and relax. If you don't mind the noise of the fake birds in the tower to keep other critters away. LOL

Here are a couple photos of some of the babies.

The one to the left is a different group, and if you look closely you can see a second baby behind the adult.

I also saw these very bright and cheerful flowers. I have no idea what kind they are, but they are oh so lovely!

Last but not least, today we had an hour for lunch instead of our usual half hour, so me and a coworker went to a newly opened frozen yogurt place down the road.

The owner waved us in, (he was on the phone) and I asked him if I could get a couple pics for my scrapbook and he emphatically shook his head no, as if I would steal ideas or something. I dunno. So, on his phone, loudly speaking in chinese, and paying us no mind at all, as soon as we paid for our dishes (all self serve, 45 cents an ounce, so a good size dish is about 4 bucks) we sat down and proceeded to take pics anyway. he never noticed at all. If he did he didn't say anything. Lots of flavors, tons of different toppings, including lots of fresh fruit, and cool prismatic tables! Here is a collage of photos I was able to get.

I'm so glad I only have a week to go before my vacation. I fly out on sunday the 24th, and should be landing in Mass about 8pm. A bit later than I like, but oh well, better late than never! I better start packing! :-)

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Jeanne said...

OMG that little one is so darn cute. LOL at us both taking pics of the same flower how many miles apart and we still think alike. lol
Yum on the frozen yogurt and counting the days till we're trolling the streets of Northampton. hehehehehehe