Monday, May 18, 2009

One Weekend in the Life of Me

Ali had a great challenge on her blog this past weekend to document our weekend. I plan on sharing a few of my favorite pics here, and probably will make a mini book out of this project. I had a great weekend, even though I had to work on Saturday morning. The good thing was it was just me, so I could go in whenever, and that whenever meant that the sun was up. It's dark when I go in during the week, and that makes for a very boring and picture-less drive.

Saturday was also the date for the annual Dancin' in the Streets celebration in downtown Neptune Bleach, FL. They block off the end of the street and it's one big party for the whole day. Like all the events, the food was expensive, but the entertainment was great. I hit the beach for a short walk before I was able to catch the last 2 bands. First up was the "Little Green Men". They played all the great hair bands and sing along anthems of the (mostly) 80's! Add some beer and sunshine, and it was like one big karaoke session! We sang along to Def Leppard, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Journey, Katrina & The Waves, and I'm sure many more that I am forgetting. After they played we heard "Straight Up". They played Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, and the like. Very happy movin' music, for sure! About halfway through their set, I decided to beat the traffic and head back to the car. Yes, they had on funny green wigs and space-suits. But they had fun, and we had fun, and that's all that matters!

Along with the painted Jaguars they have around town, we now also have Sea Turtles. I saw only one other so far, but wasn't able to stop to get a shot of it yet.

So that was my Saturday. Here is my sunday:

As always click on the photos for a closer look, and have a great week! This coming sunday I will be on a plane headed home for vacation!


Jeanne said...

The drummer in that one band looks funky lol. Love the laundry shot hehe Now remember lots of "Charged!!" batteries and memory cards for next week.

Donna said...

Neat pictures! I Love the turtle!! Happy night sweetie!hughugs