Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sunday Drive & Skywatch

Sunday I drove around for a bit, undecided about what to do for the day. It was quite hazy out, but still decent. I took I-95 to get down there as it's a bit faster, but usually take the scenic route back.

I finally ended up in Old St Augustine, FL. I've been down there a couple times since I moved here and a couple times way back when I was younger and visiting relatives who live in the lake city area.

First pic is of the Bridge of Lions, there's still a lot of construction going on there to update said bridge.
Here is the drawbridge going up while I was on the walkway. I was hoping i would get to see it!!
Walking across it gave me a jump tho with the cars going across too. very shaky! LOL

This photo is walking around the perimeter of the Castillo De San Marcos. It's free to wander outside, but the inside tour costs a few bucks. Well worth it, as I've done it in the past.

I took a few new roads and explored just a bit more than I have before, thanks to the new and improved prices on gasoline this week! It was under $3 in places!! When was the last time you'd seen THAT?? I sure can't remember.

Here is another view of the fort from the walkway on the bridge. The cross to the right of the fort is from The Mission of Nombre De Dios. Very very old church, and site of the first Parish Mass.

There's a new community opening up too, as the road didn't show up on the GPS at all. That was a nice ride on nice new roads from just north of St Augustine to Ponte Vedra Beach (lots of spas and resorts here, very posh!) area. Headed back north on the AIA, and made my way back home to relax.
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"Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world" ~John Muir


Lily Hydrangea said...

interesting photos! pretty sky too.

Tash said...

Interesting to see that part of the country. Good blog. I like the picture by the Boston library - saw it about 15 yrs ago & most of it was under renovation - but we loved what we saw - we loved Boston in general. & last wkend was my 1st time in NYC & I MISSED SEEING THE LIBRARY! I just have to go back.

Migs CFL fan said...

Fantastic shots. Thanks for sharing!



Webradio said...

Nice photos...

Jeanne said...

That last bridge shot looks like it just drops right off to nothing. Love those fort pics too and that drawbridge looks cool. We'll have such fun seeing all this stuff when I get down there!

kjpweb said...

Very nice, love St. Augustine!
Cheers, Klaus

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Your Skywatch Team.

Louis la Vache said...

"Louis" didn't realize that a european-style castle existed there. That castle is truly a monument to the Spanish heritage there.

"Louis" is beginning his Fleet Week series today - it will include images of the Blue Angels.

Jeannelle said...

Great views! I've never seen this part of the U.S. Happy SkyWatching! Greetings from Iowa.