Monday, October 06, 2008

Around the Beaches..

Last Sunday morning I went for my walk on the beach. It was pretty near high tide when I got down to the Jax Pier, so I decide to continue my walk on the street where it was dry. I've walked that area a few times and it's got some neat touristy places to browse in full of cheesy beach "gifts" and the usual beach towels, t-shirts, shells, and the like. In the summer it's a great place to go in just to cool off for a bit.

There was a fairly new restaurant that just opened up, called Paco's. Looks like I may have to check it out when my mom & sister come to visit in a few weeks.

On the side of a bar called Bukkets there's some pretty sweet artwork.

I also passed Freebird Live...local venue that hosts some pretty sweet shows. I've still never been there, but Matt nathanson will be there later this month, so, maybe....

Here is one of the walkways leading from the beach to the street:

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Jeanne said...

I am so digging that pier! Can't wait to go down there.