Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Vacation, Day 7

Day 7, Wednesday. This is when we hang out in Northampton, and stay out way too late watching Beau's band (the Beau Sasser trio) jamming away at Bishop's Lounge.

I met Jeanne at her place, and off we went. First to Target, then off to 'Hamp. We wandered about taking a few pics, deciding where to go for supper. A local bar/restaurant has half price appetizers during the week, so it was decided we'd go there. I got a couple sliders, and stuffed mushroom caps. Jeanne had some Chicken Ravioli and Scallops wrapped in bacon. All was delicious. It was actually pretty busy for a wednesday night, which made for some interesting people watching.

After more wandering and picture taking we sat in Starbucks for awhile enjoying a coffee and people watching. It had started to rain lightly, but as long as it stayed light we were good. The band doesn't usually start until about 10-ish, so we get there about 9 or so and start getting our drink on, making jokes with the band and bartender as they set up.

Started out with a Nut Brown Ale. I forget the brand, but was quite tasty, if not a tad heavy. I usually get Sam Adams, but the local microbrew ale's are just as good a choice.
I really thought I could fit more than one day per post, but that's not happening! Onward....


Anonymous said...

Mmm Fitzwilly's! Those were so yummy I could do that again. Fun night as always and wish we could do it mroe often. ~Jeanne

Lynn said...

People watching is so much fun. Sounds like a great time!

Kim said...

Jeanne: at that price, why not? Yummy for sure!

Lynn: it sure is. And as eclectic as Northampton is it makes it even more interesting. hehe

G said...

Sounds like you had a good time.

Was the group that you were watching a jazz combo?

Kim said...

G: Sort of, kind of a jazz/funk/r&b mashup. they play whatever strikes their fancy. The link to their myspace has some tunes you can check out if interested.