Monday, September 14, 2009

Almost time..

Vacation creeps ever closer. I hope I can slow down just a bit and not feel that it's over before it even begins. I don't have the whole 10 days all planned out, so that definitely leaves me some wiggle room at least. There's Vermont on Friday with mom, stopping at one of our favorite places (Harlow's Nursery) and also Walker Farm. Saturday & Sunday I will be relaxing, maybe catch a movie with my sister, and firm up the Boston plans with Jeanne over a coffee at St. Arbucks. heh.

Did I mention Monday was our day in Boston? We've got so many ideas of what to do, pictures to take, and utter hilarity will surely ensue. People see us taking pics of ourselves, and offer to take a pic for us. We politely refuse. Maybe this time we'll let them? Maybe. No shiny, reflective surface is safe from our cameras.

Then we have the Big E. Here is a favorite shot from several years ago. The last couple of years my vacation hasn't properly aligned with it, so this year I made sure it was!
Time to finish packing!


Lynn said...

I love how your kitty has crossed her (or his) paws. Very proper. Hope you enjoy your vacation - it sounds lovely!

Kim said...

Lynn: 'tis a He. I have early photos when I thought it was a she, wearing a cute pink collar. His name is Scout, after the female char. from To Kill A Mockingbird. Fits him well.
Thank you!

G said...

I'm sure you're gonna have a great time, especially at the Big E.

Interestingly enough, the theme of our next staff meeting is trivia about the Big E.

So thanks for the link.

Kim said...

G: I'm glad to help! :)