Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 1 - Sept. 2009

The travels yesterday were a little less than perfect, but since I didn't have to be anywhere important the flight delay/missed connection wasn't too big a deal, just one of life's little inconveniences. I grabbed lunch (at 9:30am) and a white chocolate mocha at Seattles Best, and settled down for the rest of the morning. This is why I prefer the window seat.

On a happier note, my rental car is awesome, way better than the poorly handling Ford Focus I had back in May. This time I got a PT Cruiser! Sweet!

Today mom & I are headed to southern Vermont to drive around and visit our favorite places noted in yesterday's post. She wants to get her pumpkin at Harlow's. :) I thnk we'll be passing through Bennington to catch a couple Moose.

Have a great day!!


Anonymous said...

Oohh love the clouds and sweet! Traveling to Boston in a Cruiser. Can't wait.

Lynn said...

Sounds lovely! And the flowers on that tree are lovely.

G said...

Sounds like a great way to start the trip.

Summer/Autumn in New England is a very good thing.

Kim said...

Lynn: Those are my mom's Hydrangea, I love them. They dry beautifly as well!

G: Yes, it sure it. There's not as much color as I'd like, but it's close enough for me!