Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Vacation, Day 6

I need to get a little more caught up here, no? Day 6 would be tuesday, the 22nd, the day after Boston. The day with tired feet, 3 dead camera batteries, and one very full memory card. I spent a little time in the morning sorting thru the 400+ pics I got, weeding out the blurry, duplicate photos and the SP's I looked horrible in. :)

I knew my sister and I would be hanging out later in the day, but didn't know what she had planned yet. I met her in the next town over where she and her husband had a DR appointment after work. Once she got done there we took off and left Scott with their car. She then showed me the tickets to the Big E that they got thru work.

Since she was still not feeling well, we didn't go on any rides, but we definitely did plenty of walking around. We had some good food, watched the rides (which only made her more ill) and poked around the state buildings. I did good on food. I had to have stuffed clams from the Rhode Island Building, and a fresh squeezed lemonade. I only sampled the kettle korn, maple cotton candy, and pumpkin spice ice cream. YUM! Oh and I had to get the fried oreos. Kinda bummed they didn't offer a small order, because there was no way I could eat 7 of those, and they aren't much good when they get cold. Ah well.
These are a few of the rides. Top left is for those who like loop coasters, minus the parts that aren't a loop... Top right is a hang glider ride, kinda neat. If you look just to the left of the ride's name you can see the platform with 3 people on it....Bottom left is the zipper. 20 years ago, my favorite ride, hands down. Also the best place to find loose change falling out of pockets. Bottom right is the swings. I like that ride, but this one is different. Once people are on, it goes up, and up, then the ride begins. Aside from the ferris wheel, I don't like tall rides. The view is awesome, but I rather like something solid under my feet.
That ends day 6...coming soon, days 7-10.
Stay tuned..


Anonymous said...

hehe We both went for those whoopie pies.

Lynn said...

I love coasters, but not ferris wheels. :) Loose change - funny!

Kim said...

Jeanne: they all looked sooo good, too!

Lynn: I used to go on the old rickety wooden coaster at Mountain park (closed in '87) many times in a row, but I never could stomach the newfangled speedy ones out there now. I did go on space mountain a couple times in '01, and lived to tell about it. LOL