Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

What a busy weekend for North Florida! The Riverside arts market was my first stop in the early afternoon for the Thriller/Zombie dancers. After that, a stroll down the north riverwalk to the Landing. I was going to get a starbucks there, but they had the whole mall plus the area surrounding the mall closed off due to the Florida/Georgia game going on at Everbank field, (where the Jaguars play). The mall has a big screen that they were showing the game on, plus live music and food vendors set up outside as well. Boats were docked 2 or 3 deep along the riverside, as well.
In lieu of paying $10 just to go in and get a coffee, I continued wandering towards downtown.

 I stopped in to Chamblin's Uptown bookstore and got completely lost in that sea of books. Found the second book in a mystery series I recently started. Across the street I found a nice spot to sit and enjoy my sandwich. All around were people resting, playing chess, or just chatting. The weather was beautiful, in the low 80's. Knowing there was only a couple of hours til the movie was going to start, it was time to head back to my car.

After a short trip back home to feed the cat and grab a few things, it was back down to the Arts market for the free movie. This week was Ghostbusters! I brought in some coffee, and bought a bag of kettle korn from a vendor and settled in for the show. The short film they showed before the movie was an episode of "Flash Gordon" entitled Purple Death.

Here is a collage of just a few of the shots from the day. Click this, or any of my pics, to see in more detail.

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