Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Long gone are the days when kids could run thru the streets, going house to house, taking candy from friends, family and strangers alike. There was always the one house with the lights out, but a large bowl right outside the door. Perhaps an older person not wanting to get up from the comfy chair every time the doorbell rang. One house gave out apples. These were promptly tossed into the woods on the way to the next house. We came up with our own costumes for the most part, with a little help from the adults, that I can remember. No store bought costumes for us! I can't even begin to guess the years of these photos, but judging by the furniture, it was long enough ago.

In the photo above I am Dracula, and my older sister was the Statue Of Liberty. The other 2 were our best friends growing up.

In the photo at left, I am Sherlock Holmes, I think. My sister is the Old lady on the floor. The other 2 kids in this photo were family friends that I only vaguely remember. That was the good thing about trick or treating in New England, just pile on more clothes under the costume and you'll be plenty warm! The more flannel the better.. The photo below is several years ago at work. I clearly remember the looks I got from other drivers as I was driving in and back home as well.

We moved to a small town when I got a little older, and out there they would close off the center of town to traffic and kids again were free to run in the street. The residents would donate bags of candy to the houses that did the distributing. In the Town Hall they had cider, cocoa and cookies to enjoy while warming up and resting. Obviously by then I was too old to go door to door, but my niece wasn't, and I would join them to hang out, and to see the kids costumes. My mom will probably demand that this get removed, but oh well! :) Again, no idea on the year. Late 80's, perhaps?

Happy Halloween!!
Now watching: Nightmare Before Christmas. best Halloween movie ever!


Bea said...

What great pictures and what fun to find them and see how much fun you had as a kid. My boys called tonight and reminded me that my pictures of them are probably on SLIDES! I was complaining that I couldn't find any. lol Happy Halloween to you too. :)Bea

Lynn said...

I have similar Halloween memories - we could go all around the neighborhood and feel safe. One house gave us candy apples - we would have to sit there and eat it and I was always itching to go on to the next place. :)

Kim said...

Bea: I wish I had more photos of my costumes. I can't find the 2 year old niece as a tube of toothpaste photo! LOL
Thanks for the jumpstart on the memories! Have fun sifting thru the slides! eek!

Lynn: candy apples?? those we probably woulld have kept, yum!! But the thought of having to eat it then, that's a good 15 minute stall there. Ahh, the good old days!

G said...

I remember while growing up that my friends and I would hit the streets on either side of ours for trick or treating.

One year, at one of the houses we stopped at, they were taking names down. Reason given was so that they didn't get repeat trick-or-treaters.

Never got fruit though, just gobs and gobs of candy.

Kim said...

G: wow. we would switch costumes, but we never had our names taken down. For some reason, no matter what we were we all looked alike. LOL

Anonymous said...

LOL great shots. Funny to see a little you. ~Jeanne

Nancy said...

OMG that is one scary picture. Even scarier because it is ME!!! I won't forbid you to remove it because I LOVE IT. I love the skeleton pic too. We didn't know what a "store bought" costume was. Where has the imagination gone?