Sunday, October 18, 2009

today's photos..

It was a chilly start to the day, but once the sun came out it was very nice. I headed to St Augustine for the morning, and had a lot of photo oportunities. I heard at least 3 or 4 foreign languages as well: Italian, Spanish and French..and those were just the ones I recognized!

As the sun was coming up over the very heavy cloud on the horizon, the fog/mist started to lift on the river. This ship just screamed Pirates to me, dunno why. Maybe it was the way the sails hung, or the fog, or both! :)

I had lunch in this small Spanish Bakery: an Empanada, a roll, a cookie, and a can of lemonade for $5.50! It was delicious, too. After I was done there I picked up a birthday present for a dear friend. *hehe*
While walking down the street I heard some accordian music, and got a quick photo of the one man band! We tried to get someone to take our pic for me, but the gentleman we asked refused, so I just took it myself.

On the way home I stopped at the beach quick, and it was very windy and cold. I almost got killed by a kite crashing down near me. And for some ungodly reason, there was a surfing contest going on! BRRRR!
I thought about walking on the pier, but not with the way that wind was blowing. My ears were near frozen.

Back home I went to do some laundry and feed the Master and myself some dinner.


Bea said...

It almost looks like Darth Vardar standing next to the ship! Brrrrrr that water looks cold. Hey, great picture of you two. What a shame somebody couldn't just take a picture for you. It's such an EASY RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS isn't it? Hmmmmmmmmm, lunch sounded yummy. I guess I better go eat. :)Bea

Lynn said...

That looks like a fun day. And that does look like a pirate ship!

Anonymous said...

That ship looks awesome! Baaahh on that guy who wouldn't take your picture. You did do good yourself though. ~Jeanne

Kim said...

Bea: I'm starting to ask people here if they'd like me to, only cuz I (and I'm sure many others) know how it feels to just not end up in many pics..

Lynn: I think the fog really makes the shot! Just being near the water was cold!

Jeanne: Yeah, I'm wondering if he was one of the non-english speaking tourists, though he knew how to say no pretty well. LOL

sam said...

Hi Kim,

I love the photo of the boat. I moved here a couple of years ago. I need to get out more! You have some great shots of the area! Hope to make it to Riverside before it ends!


Kim said...

Sam, Welcome to my blog! Riverside arts market ends sometime in December, so you have plenty of time! It's taken me almost 3 years and a lot of driving around, and just exploring to learn my way around, and I'm still learning!

G said...

A very funky picture of the boat.

Almost mystical.

Kim said...

G: yeah, the mist was really cool. I practically ran to the waters edge when I saw it, sun was coming up fast, and I didn't want to lose it!
I found out from those in the know (locals, eh) that it's a shrimping boat. Those are nets on the side, not the sails as I had thought!