Sunday, November 08, 2009

Jacksonville Sea & Sky Spectacular

This weekend was the Annual Sea & Sky Spectacular Air show at Jacksonville Beach. Every other year they alternate between the beach and NAS (naval air station) JAX. I've never been to the one at NAS, but this was my second time going to the one at the beach. In lieu of paying between $10-30 for parking, I chose to walk about a half mile or so, and use the free side of the road parking up the road a ways. I could have easily watched it from the beach near where I parked, but I wanted to get some food and enjoy some of the audio play-by-play. I probably should have taken notes on who some of the pilots were, or what planes I was watching, but the only ones I know by sight are those pesky Blue Angels. Oh, how loud they were! On the right are several shots of the different planes I saw. It was pretty windy, so there were no "wingwalkers" that I saw.

To the left are the best shots I got of the Blue Angels. There were several fly-bys that near gave me a heart attack. I'm surprised I don't have a sore neck from looking straight up much of the time as well. LOL

At right is the Johnsonville Brats 65 ft grill, and my Brat too. Yeah, the whole back of the semi truck was a grill!! very cool!

All in all it was a great day I'll see it again in 2 more years. :)
As always click on the photos for a closer look!


Bea said...

Brats AND high flying fast the beach? Wow, you live the good life, woman! lol :)Bea

Lynn said...

Sounds like a nice day Kim!

Kim said...

Bea: if only I lived within walking or even biking distance! *sigh*

Lynn: It was a very nice day!

Anonymous said...

Great spot for the air show! Sky looks perfect to see those Blue Angels. They're our favorite precision flying team and LOVE the noise hehe. ~Jeanne

Kim said...

Jeanne- The noise is great when I'm ready for it, but loud surprises? not so much LOL