Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday is..

Thursday is.. coffee in the evening since I don't have to go in for 6am on Friday. I'm usually there by 7, though. *yawn*

Thursday is.. what I consider to be *my* Friday because of the above, which almost makes for a 3 day weekend.

Thursday is.. already? Wasn't it just Tuesday, and I was at Barnes & Noble, learning of Sen. Kennedy's passing?

Thursday is.. wear your team out casual dress day at work. I wore my "Vote for Papi" t-shirt from here.

Thursday is.. debating whether to go to the Riverside Arts Market on Saturday. They have a good entertainment schedule this weekend. And seriously, I missed my french Quarter Beignet! :)
Thursday is.. reading thru the Boston list, and seeing how much more stuff I can add. I love Flickr.


Nancy said...

I love the simplicity of this blog!!!!! Very well written and love the cup on the notebook. Thursday is definitely "your day"

Lynn said...

Coffee on Thursday - how nice to have a three-day weekend! Great photo. :)

G said... payday.

However, I do do coffee on the rare occasion in the mornings at work.

Great way to at least wake up....

Boston Red Sox...well, at least you can say that your team had a good season.

Kim said...

Lynn: Thanks! I did end up going in for much longer than the couple hours I was planning, so I guess I'll have to wait on Labor Day for that 3 day Weekend!

G: If I don't have my coffee by 9 am, there will be heck to pay, including a 5 alarm headache that won't go away. addiction sux. in a good way. Season ain't over yet...who's your team?

G said...

New York Mets, I'm sad to say.

Haven't watched a single game since they imploded last year.

Depending on next year goes, I may watch a game or two.

I do follow them online and the paper though.