Monday, August 24, 2009

Around Jacksonville..

Last Saturday (the 15th) I made my way downtown for the weekly Riverside Arts Market for probably the last time, til fall anyway. I'm trying to save a little cash for vacation, just to make sure the credit card isn't used more than it needs to be.
I got to watch an escape artist get out of a straightjacket, twice. I missed part of the first show, so made sure I caught the whole second performance.

This time I walked only to the train bridge, and then turned back. More rain was threatening after an already good storm plowed thru. Dare I say it was actually *chilly* under the bridge. I had a yummy pulled pork sammy and fries for lunch and a beignet (pronounced ben-yay) with cinnamon on it and some chickory iced coffee from the new orleans vendor for dessert.

On the 17th as I was leaving work I noticed lots of flyovers going on over the airport, so I took a short detour to find a good spot to park on the side of the road and try to get a few photos.

As always click on the photos for a bigger view.
Have a great week!


G said...

Nice photos of the area.

Since you said that you come from my neck of the woods (New England), how does this festival compare to the ones up here?

BTW: First time visitor as I found your blog while surfing the other night.

Lynn said...

Wow - great photos and nice blog. Coming to your blog via G's blog. My aunt and uncle live in Jax - love that area. They live near the Jacksonville landing.

Bea said...

Here's another visitor coming via G's blog. Enjoyed the photos. I hope people do click on them to see the bigger image it's so much nicer.
My mother is in St. Pete's. We appreciate that fact when we visit her in February. :)Bea in WI