Thursday, November 13, 2008

Skywatch Friday, vacation edition

Time for our weekly view of the sky. As in my last post I had my mom & sister down to visit over the weekend, and we did so many fun things. Most of them right in my own "backyard".

On the way out to Cedar Key, we saw this little farmhouse in the middle of a great big field. I had to stop. If you look closely you can just make out the bales of hay in the background. The ones by the house are a little easier to see. It was a most beautiful day for a drive, that's for sure!

Down by Atlantic Beach there is a very cool old style McDonalds. I love the Arches, and the inside is just as fun. The tables look like surfboards, and the decor is very relaxed and bright, perfect place to have a snack or cold drink after a walk on the beach.

And now for my usual sunset shot. I didn't quite make it down to the ramp in time for this one, but the colors I saw when I started down the road were gorgeous all the same. This one was taken on Halloween night.

Have a great weekend, and don't forget to check
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Sharon Ellery said...

Great photos. Love the farmhouse and the retro McDonalds is very cool.


Photo Cache said...

I love the first photo when enlarged. It just breathes pastoral serenity.

babooshka said...

Our one and only McDonald still looks like that. Goregeous golden tones on that sunset.

Mckay K said...

Great pictures. The gold from that sunset pulls you in.

That was definitely a working farm house. And yet, the scene was calming.

I miss those golden arches. nice day. Thank you for the ride.

Louise said...

Prettie skies! But the color in the last one is spectacular!

Grammy said...

I love your photos they are amazing. We have a mcd that still has the .15c sign on the arch.about an hour away from us.
Happy SWF!

Jeanne said...

Beauteous. That retro Mickey D's looks fun. There's one like that in CT but I don't think they have the surfboards hehe.

Jack and Joann said...

If someone didn't know that you blog from northeast Florida, they would think that photo was from the Midwest.

Boston! My son-in-law is from Barnstable, MA and is a diehard Red Sox and Patriots fan. His relatives made sure that we baptized our grandson Jack Aidan in all Boston baby sports clothes.

Have a great weekend in Jacksonville. Jack and I found a neat art museum in downtown Jacksonville, FLA the other year.