Monday, November 17, 2008

My World Tuesday, scrappy edition

The past several days I've been holed up in the crafty corner of my apartment making my binder for a free class at Jeanne got me interested in doing this project, and I must say I'm loving it!! There are a ton of old forgotten memories and stories just waiting to be told. This is the binder I created.

What's cool is she gives you the files and you have to do all the cutting and gluing, so no 2 peoples binders will look alike!

I've got the XM radio Holiday channel on, and have just been chilling out, relaxing to the tunes, and chatting and/or scrapping my evenings away.

It's been a bit chilly again here, and I did a bit of driving around on saturday to various local scrap stores to try and find the particular binder I wanted for the project. No such luck, so I just got a small plain chipboard one and went to town decorating it. At one of my stops this gas station sign stopped me in my tracks, and I had to pull around to snap this in the parking lot.
Thought I would also add a shot of the Carnival Fascination ship docked at Jaxport. It never ceases to amaze me that this ship can even make it into that tiny port. I love that I can see it from far away and it just dwarfs everything around it. Buildings, trees...all are no match for The Cruise Ship!

So, there's my world for this week. Not much to report this week, but that's ok.. Go here to see links to more MyWorld participants.


Louise said...

Wow! That ship DOES look big!

Beautiful binder.

fishing guy said...

Kim: What a big ship in your world.

The Good Life in Virginia said...

enjoyed your post...the cruise ships dwarf everything around them. when we were in venice earlier this year it amazed me when a cruise ship was going through one of the channels...thought to myself if that thing got away it would sink the venice in one fell swoop.

have a wonderful week.


Darla said...

Cool post. I'm a Tallahassee Lassie, we are in for a hard freeze tonight and maybe tomorrow. BRRRRRRRRR

Jeanne said...

Look at that magazine cover! WooHoo..Excitement is our middle name. LOL
So much fun doing our books together. The webcams really add to our 'visits'. Love the ship pic and enjoying the Christmas music as well.