Monday, April 19, 2010

Week 15 of Project 365, and some Boston Love..

Week 15, (4/9-4/15) clockwise from upper left we have: a free sample I ordered of NV nut clusters, Red Robin bacon & guac burger I had while on vacation in W. mass, a new little Boston travel book to read while at the airport, my balcony railing (in FL) with the laundry building behind it, railroad crossing warning, my poor scrappy desk waiting for me to do some creating, and Slaid Cleaves (Texas folk musician at the European St Cafe in Jax) - Awesome show! Slaid is on the right, watching his guitarist do some Ham bone...

Now for a few of my favorite Boston shots: Jeanne & I got to stay there for 2 days and both were absolutely beautiful weather-wise. We totally lucked out! It had been ages since we'd done an overnight visit, and wanted to get some good evening/night shots. Especially of that familiar skyline. Here are just a few photos from day 1 to start. We each took over 900 shots or so in those 2 days! I was able to get mine down to about 700, and could probably delete a few more even, but that can wait for another day..

Starting at bottom left: We meet at the Northampton Dunkin Donuts and set off nourished with coffee, muffins and the GPS. You don't want to see the traffic on the Pike, it's never pretty. (upper left): here we are at Fenway Park already. Amazing! Flurry of activity there as it was only a few days til Opening Day, and the beer deliveries had to be made. (upper right): the Boston University store/Barnes & Noble, 3 floors of books, college apparel, and Starbucks. (bottom right): The infamous Citgo sign, seen in every Red Sox game on TV. Look for more views of it soon!

After walking around the Fenway Park area we found the Fenway Victory Gardens. Some people have probably had the same garden plot for 30 years, if not longer. It was so neat seeing gates, and entrances individual to the person who owned it. many plots had little patio areas to relax, and some looked like they hadn't been used in years. Someday I hope to see this area when it's in full bloom! There were a few early blooming plants, and a lot of geese.
The bright yellow forsythia caught my eye against the weathered wood of the fence, as did the beautiful Peregrine Falcon. Or is it a hawk? (correct me if I'm wrong, please!)

More to come soon!!


Lynn said...

That burger looks decadent. Lynn - always thinking of her stomach. :)

Kim said...

Lynn: When you're hungry, and such tantalizing food makes an appearance it's hard NOT to be smitten! :)