Saturday, December 12, 2009

The most wonderful time of the year..

I put my Christmas Tree up last weekend, and it doesn't look too bad. I really need to remember to send some of my own ornaments to myself when I go back home. I like to keep it simple but so far I have only a few round (plastic) balls and some plastic twisty icicles. No glass here. At least not on the tree. One string of white lights, and a huge red bow for a topper.  I wish I could have a real tree, but I figure Mr Scout would be far too willing to try to climb it. He already tries to eat the needles off this one when he's feeling feisty. If I want to smell a pine tree, I just burn a nice Yankee Candle, and it's good enough for me!!

I've been playing the Christmas music, and trying to just enjoy the quiet time when I'm NOT at work. I joined a friend and her church to sing carols at a local nursing home, and it was a blast. Some of them never get any visitors, and especially at this time of the year that's so sad. We handed out candy canes and wished them all a Merry Christmas. Many of the residents sang along, when they could, and were very appreciative of us visiting.

Here are a couple photos of the tree. Ignore the junk behind it, I had to tear a few containers apart to find all my stuff. Today I've been wrapping presents and will be sending those off this week. It's a great day to be inside: it's pouring out, and just a very blah day. Once I'm done wrapping, I want to get some scrapping done. been too long, and since I cleaned off the table it's ready to be made messy again!

Hoping everyone has time to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family!


Anonymous said...

Pretty! And I love Mr. Scout there checking out the lights! ~jeanne

Kim said...

Jeanne: I was inspired by the cool shot you got of your little boy last year..LOL

Lynn said...

A pretty sweet Christmas boy, that. :) And lovely tree, Kim, I love the red ribbons hanging down.

G said...

Love that pic of the cat.

And a very nice tree you have there young lady.

Kim said...

Lynn: thankee, mum always said "keep it simple"! :) and yes, he is sweet.

G: Thanks, it makes me happy to watch the lights twinkle..

Bea said...

My Louie, the orange tabby liked to climb the real tree, at least when he was younger. Now, at four years old he just makes threatening false leaps at the non real tree. I think yours is beautiful and I love how the bow sash hangs down. Very pretty.
I want to thank you and your friends for going to the nursing home and bringing some joy and music into the lives of the folks that live there.
My mother is in an assisted living facility in Florida, far away from me and when she tells me how excited she is to go downstairs and listen to carols sung by groups, I smile and am glad that there are loving folks in the world that take time from THEIR lives to do this. So, on her behalf and even though you didn't sing to her directly, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. THAT'S the TRUE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT. Merry Christmas, friend.

Kim said...

Bea: I was happy to do it! Just seeing their faces light up when we sang a certain song, or gave them the candy canes was more than worth it!
Merry Christmas to you too!