Sunday, December 14, 2008

Whole Foods

This weekend I finally got the chance to visit the new Whole Foods store that just opened up on San Jose Blvd here in Jacksonville. I'm so happy to finally have one here!!! It's definitely a trek for me to get down there, but still, once in awhile it's so worth it!

The hot/prepared foods area is huge! Then there's the pizza station and the breads, and desserts. They have a little coffee area too, and therein lies my only gripe. That area did not seem well organized at all, I waited for someone to take my order while 3 people stood around. So, I walked away. Maybe when it's not so busy it will be better, we'll see.

There were tons of samples, and I bought a few things, like locally made hummus, popcorn (with sea salt, yum!), and some bratwurst..

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